The Noverres of London and Norwich

Maggie Marsh 2009

  1. ‘No French Dancers!’
  2. Augustin Noverre at Drury Lane
  3. Augustin’s London practice and publications
  4. Jean-Georges at the King’s Theatre in the 1780s
  5. Augustin’s provincial practice and his family
  6. Francis Noverre arrives in Norwich
  7. Francis at home and at work
  8. Interesting relations
  9. Augustin and Jean-Georges retire

Note: The content above is also available as a downloadable PDF file – The Noverres of London and Norwich (474K).


With thanks to:

  • Staff at Norwich Millennium Library and Heritage Centre
  • Victoria Britton, House of Lords Record Office
  • Louise Pickell, Lambeth Palace Library
  • Jenny Watts, Norfolk Record Office
  • Ian Dye, for bringing Charles Noverre to my attention
  • Elizabeth MacLachlan, a Noverre descendant
  • Matthew Williams for topographical help
  • Liz Orna and Kevin Watts for preparing the text for website publication
  • Amanda and the Gang

Additional Notes

I learned a great deal more about the Noverres after the publication of Mr Noverre’s Academy in 2005. Ian Dye brought Charles Noverre and Sarah Stow to my attention. More information became available on the National Archive website. Augustin had four, not two, children, and three wives.

When Augustin established Francis in Norwich in 1793 he claimed that Francis had received tuition from Jean-Georges – on ‘the Continent’. Given the state of English–French hostilities at the time, and the revolution, I thought Augustin’s claim was unlikely. As it was necessary to know Jean-Georges’ whereabouts over a period of years I have made a parallel account of Augustin and Jean-Georges.

I am particularly grateful to Jenny Watts of Norfolk Record Office for pointing me towards primary source material and for searching in William Windham’s account books. Thanks also to Liz Orna, who looked at Drury Lane playbills in the Theatre Museum.

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