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Norfolk and Norwich Dance History

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John Eager 1782-1853 – A Norfolk Dancing Master

A history of the Dancing Master, John Eager  who began his career as a Music and Dancing Master in Norfolk by Judith Havens.

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Norfolk Dancing Masters 1690 –1815

Throughout the Georgian period dancing masters were in demand in Norwich and other Norfolk towns, from ‘Young Gentlemen and Ladies and the Quality a social life that centred on assemblies and balls.

Norwich Historical Dance researcher Maggie Marsh, has drawn on local newspapers, directories and archives, to piece together the story of how they ran their practices and competed with one another from the late 17th century to the Regency.

We are pleased to publish her Norfolk Dancing Masters 1690 –1815 .

It makes an entertaining backdrop for her account of the most famous and successful of them all, Francis Noverre, who set up his academy at the Assembly House, the most select establishment in the city. Mr Noverre’s Academy was published by NHD in 2005, with the support of grants from Norwich City Council and the Assembly House Trustees. View Details and purchase information for Mr Noverre’s Academy.

Since then, Maggie has continued research on the Norwich dynasty of the Noverre family which was established in the city by Francis’ father, Augustin, younger brother of Jean-Georges Noverre, the ‘father of modern dance’. The Noverres of London and Norwich, which tells the story of how, thanks to Francis’ shrewd commercial judgment, he and his descendants became part of the city’s establishment, has now been published.

Meantime, she will be happy to hear from interested readers – especially Noverre descendants. To get in touch with Maggie, go to our Contact Us page; we shall be pleased to pass on messages to her.

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