Norwich Early Dance performing at the Early Dance Circle Festival

Norwich Historical Dance

Norwich Historical Dance continues a great tradition of social dance in Norfolk. We dance for our own pleasure and for audiences to discover this less well known aspect of our cultural heritage, both by watching and by taking part. We aim to place the dances in their social and historical context and we perform in costume, often with live music.

NHD dance at Norwich High School for Girls on Thursdays in term time. Please check via ‘contacts’ for up to date times and location in the school.

We also run a ‘weekend away’ dance workshop, usually in the spring. This year we enjoyed the tuition of Kath Waters, the course being held in the University of East Anglia, where she delighted us all with a splendid series of dance tutorials ranging from Italian Renaissance to English Playford dances.  Kath worked us hard starting with excellent warm up exercises before each session, taking us through the various steps and the movements in the choreography.

The course ran from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April 2024 in the  peaceful and expansive campus of the UEA with its unique Sainsbury Centre art museum. We are looking forward to next year’s course.

We run the Norwich Assembly Ball every November in Norwich Assembly House and last year the tickets soon sold out.

NHD are members of the Early Dance Circle Festival which holds its 41st Festival this year in Hereford.

We are always happy to meet new members and we’d love you to join us.

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