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Early Dance Circle Festival

From the Dancing City to the Athens of the North…

Norwich Historical Dance were able to relax for a few months after hosting the 35th Early Dance Circle Festival but minds were already turning to the 36th festival which took place in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh group, Les Danses Antiques  had visited Norwich for the 2018 Festival and NHD enjoyed their hospitality as Les Danses Antiques hosted the 2019  Festival in October.

NHD took the painting “The Paston Treasure” as their theme. This interesting painting  which shows off the rich and diverse collection made by the Pastons, is in Norwich Castle Museum and we thank them for generously giving us the use of the image during the performance.

The Paston Treasure
‘The Paston Treasure’, the 17th century painting that inspired Norwich Historical Dance’s performance for the 36th Early Dance Festival in Edinburgh in 2019. (Image courtesy of Norwich Castle Museum)

Within their performance NHD set the scene for the last of the Pastons who tragically ran up huge debts thus dissipating all that had been built up over the previous generations.

Pictures can be found in the Gallery at the lnk below.


The 37th Early Dance Circle Festival was due to take place in Stratford on Avon in October 2020 will not take place due to Covid-19. However it is hoped that a ‘virtual’ on line Festival will replace this Octobers festival and this is in the planning stages.

Looking forward, it is planned to hold the 37th Festival at the Trouville Hotel in Sandown, Isle of Wight over the weekend of October 22nd – 24th 2021.

Stratford – on – Avon has been pencilled in for the 38th EDC Festival in 2022.



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