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Norwich Directories:
Chase, 1783 [Reprinted 1991. M Winton. Norwich]
Peck, Norwich: 1802
Pigot, 1822, Manchester; J. Pigot & Co; 1830, J. Pigot & Co: London

Norwich Gazette
Norwich Mercury
Norfolk Chronicle

Fawcett, Trevor (1973)
a ‘Provincial dancing masters’, Norfolk Archaeology, 35, 138-141
b ‘Postscript to Provincial dancing masters’, ibid. 193–198

Jarrett, Derek (1976)
England in the age of Hogarth
London: Paladin

Kelly, Geoffrey
History of Strangers’ Hall (unpublished)

Marsh, Maggie (2005)
Mr Noverre’s Academy. A Georgian dancing master in Norwich
Norwich: Norwich Historical Dance/Running Angel

The Mirror of the Graces (1811)
by a Lady of Distinction
Reprinted 1997, Mendocino CA: R L Shep

Noverre, Augustin (1785)
A New March 6 new minuets, 6 new cotillons, and 2 new country dances
London: Longman and Broderip

Pemberton, E (1711)
An Essay for the improvement of dancing
London 1711.
Facsimile edition, Farnborough: Gregg International 1970

Pocock, Tom (1977)
Remember Nelson: the life of William Hoste
London: Collins

… (1987)
Horatio Nelson
London: Pimlico

Porter, Roy (1990)
English Society in the 18th Century, London]: Penguin

Rawcliff, Carole & Wilson, Richard (2004)
Norwich since 1550
London: Hambledon

Rowles, Helen & Wood, Richard (1991)
Strangers’ Hall
Norwich: Norfolk Museums Service/Jarrold

Weaver. John (1706)
Orchesography, or the art of dancing
London 1706
Facsimile edition, Farnborough: Gregg international 1970

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