19th Century

19th. The 'Waltz' danced at Swaffham Assembly Rooms, Norfolk, during a Victorian Christmas Ball for Swaffham Arts
Dancing a waltz at a Victorian Christmas Ball, Swaffham Assembly Rooms
19th.c. Right-hand turn during a 'quadrille' danced during a Dickensian Christmas Ball at Swaffham Assembly Rooms. for Swaffham Arts
Right-hand turn in a quadrille danced at the Dickensian Christmas Ball, Swaffham 
19th c,. Quadrilles danced during a 'Victorian Christmas Ball' at Swaffham Assembly Rooms, Norfolk
A quadrille would have been a popular dance at a Victorian Christmas Ball  
19th. century 'Beseda', at a 'Dickensian Christmas' at Swaffham Assembly Rooms, Norfolk for Swaffham Arts
Dancing ‘Beseda Quadrille’
Labec Steps 3A