Pastime with the Pastons

EDC.Fest EDin.2019.Pastons
Pastme with the Pastons . 1
‘Mrs. Savage’s Whim’
‘Mrs. Savage’s Whim’, a lovely dance illustrates lifes changing fortunes as the performers move through their final dance in their performance at the EDC Festival in Edinburgh
NHD EDC Festival
Paston’s Maggot
The Paston Treasure
‘The Paston Treasure’, the 17th century painting that inspired Norwich Historical Dance’s performance for the 36th Early Dance Festival in Edinburgh in 2019. (Image courtesy of Norwich Castle Museum)
The Tuneful Nightingale
The Paston Treasure :The Tuneful Nightingale sets a happy scene in the Paston’s garden at the start of the performance
Huntington’s Maggot
The third dance in the performance of the Paston Treasure scenario is Huntington’s Maggot
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