15th Century

15th.c. dance 'Chirintana' at Dragon Hall, Norwich
The lead couple advance in the 15th century dance, ‘Chirintana’ at a Christmastide event at Dragon Hall, Norwich
15th.c.Members of Norwich Historical Dance in the Finale of 'Piva' at Norwich Castle
Norwich Historical Dance conclude a ‘Piva’ at Norwich Castle
15th.c.'Rosina' at Dragon Hall at the Dragon Hall, Norwich
Italian dance ‘Rosina’ performed at Dragon Hall, Norwich
15th.c.'Tesera' at Norwich Castle
The dance ‘Tesera’ includes elements of weaving in this performance at Norwich Castle with music provided by Minstrels Gallery
15th.c.Fun and flirting during 'Gelosia' at the Guildhall, King's Lynn, during the annual Hanse Festival
Fun and flirting are all part of the dance during ‘Gelosia’ at the Guildhall, King’s Lynn, during the annual Hanse Festival
15thc.'Boar's Head Farandole' at Dragon Hall, Norwich. Music from the Hurdy-Gurdy
‘Boar’s Head Farandole’ danced and sung at a Christmas celebration at Dragon Hall, Norwich, with accompaniment from the hurdy-gurdy
15thc. 'Farandole' winding around the church during 'Flintspiration' at St.George's Church, Colegate,Norwich.Music from Hexachordia
The ‘Farandole’ winding around the church during ‘Flintspiration’ at St.George’s Church, Colegate,Norwich. Music from Hexachordia
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